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Barbies, Pocket Knives, Vintage Chess Sets, Beautiful Dream Catchers, Jewelry, Collectibles, Belt Buckles and More!


Bidding CLOSED Tuesday November 19, 2019 @ 8:00PM

Never forget another #LOL Auction and miss out on something you really wanted. Simply set your Smart phone Alarm for 7:45PM on Tuesday Night as a reminder....

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
1063 2.00 Nov-13-2019 3:35pm 2.00 1063
1785 3.00 Nov-13-2019 7:34pm 5.00 1785
2168 6.00 Nov-15-2019 11:03am 7.00 1785
2155 8.00 Nov-18-2019 4:43pm 10.51 1785

Note: If the last bidder is different than the winning bidder, the winning bidder has previously placed a MaxBid.

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